When we make a solid and conscious effort to celebrate each other’s successes, we reinforce that we are all in this together - to lean on, to inspire and to succeed. We remind ourselves that we are a team and support network for each other in this crazy (but amazing) world of small business.

If you're located in Perth, are just as enthusiastic about the success of others as you are about your own and want to attend a series of events that are low-key, low-cost and centred around good food and good company, then The Cheers Squad is for you.

My main reason behind creating this monthly social meetup group was to provide an opportunity for business owners to recognise and acknowledge one another's achievements, all whilst sippin’ on a cocktail (or mug of coffee) and nibblin' on yummy food at some amazing Perth venues.

Registration is free (for now), as I’m simply facilitating the meetup. You are solely responsible for any transport to/from, individual food, beverages, or miscellaneous items purchased at each meetup.

Information will be released at the start of each month so that everyone has the chance to RSVP and not miss out.

The Cheers Squad